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About ArchiTech

ArchiTech offers front line support to engineers to help them bring new designs to market on time and in the most efficient possible way. We bring together superior development tools, engineering and software expertise, in-depth training and extensive documentation.

ArchiTech also offers its own embedded Linux distribution, developed within the Yocto project, which caters for customers’ needs in key market sectors and delivers the benefits of a known-good distribution. This guarantees access to the most up to date version featuring the latest additional features and upgrades.

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Choosing the right device for a new project is now about much more than just picking the actual device.Software and support become key criteria in device selection. This is why ArchiTech was created.

This is an exciting new range of development boards, each backed by a Software Development Kit and a complete Linux distribution based on the Yocto project.  Learn how ArchiTech leverages Yocto to give you hardware independence delivered with a single tool flow.