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Hachiko Board

Hachiko is a joint Renesas and ArchiTech RZ/A development kit enabling an easy HMI implementation including the OpenVG Accelerator hardware.

ArchiTech Hachiko highlights the unique features of Renesas’ RZ/A ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor. It is a powerful member of ArchiTech Design Tool offering with a Linux BSP including driver source code without requiring external RAM. Schematics and gerber files are available online freely after registration.

  • Linux operating system including driver source code
  • Linux BSP for Yocto project
  • CAN Driver
  • Small form factor board

Please Note.
Hachiko ships without any external SDRAM fitted. However, we have included the PCB tracking and device footprint so that you can fit some yourself if you wish.
Due to the extra memory capacity, the software flow is slightly different for Hachiko fitted with external memory. Please follow the Hachiko Software User’s Guide (with 64MB external SDRAM fitted) in the Download section instead.

Hachiko board's part number: BAEHACHIKO


Hachiko Board Key Features

ArchiTech Hachiko Hardware Features
RZ/A1H ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor
Spansion S25FL512SDPMF QSPI Flash Memory
Maxim MAX5098AATJ dual power supply
SD card slot
1 CAN channel (in CAR entertainment)
MOST channel (in CAR entertainment)
2x USB host ports
LVDS display output
Optional 4.3” Wide LCD touch screen
ArchiTech Hachiko Operating System
Linux kernel optimized for low memory footprint
BSP with drivers for peripherals
Yocto compatible
ArchiTech Hachiko Diagram