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Seriz II Board

Seriz II Board is a rapid and secure RFID and NFC development.

The development of RFID and NFC applications is being challenged due to the many different kinds of RFID tags on the market. Furthermore, some cards are becoming very complex as there is a growing need for security.

ArchiTech Seriz and ArchiTech Seriz II help customers migrate their existing RFID product to a more secure solution, add the benefits of NFC to their reader with almost no additional costs, thus making their development cycles faster and easier. Software sources, ready to be compiled with the LPCXpresso IDE from NXP, are provided and schematics are included in the kit.

Now available also in a bundle with the ArchiTech Babylon board!
Ordering code: BAEBABYLON


Seriz II Board Key Features

Seriz II Hardware Features
NXP CLRC663 NFC/RFID reader frontend
Comprehensive standard support
ISO 14443A/B
ISO 15693
NXP LPC4350 ARM® Cortex™-M4
Key storage
Direct interface with ISO7816 SIM cards
M0 low power wake-up demo
Color LCD display with GUI
FreeRTOS application
Project ready for free LPCXpresso environment
Seriz II Applications
Device customisation/product configuration
Firmware downloads
Return management
Counterfeit protection and authentication
Production information
Theft protection and deterrence
Production automation
Home automation
Home appliances
Seriz II Block Diagram